Our programs

Unwind with the best food at your events while celebrating significant occasions with Indian Naan. Let us take care of everything so you can enjoy yourself the most while partying. With our catering services, you can be sure to get the best momo selection as well as high-quality drinks to pair with it.

At Indian Naan, we offer catering programs for all kinds of events and budgets

Momo Party

Are you planning to through MOMO Party? Indian Naan brings to you the real flavors of the momo. ? With us, you can choose from three filling options, veg, chicken, and mutton from our special momo menu. Our momos are flavorful and fresh, we ensure that these are prepared Himalayan-style with premium ingredients and thin wrappers that allow for the ideal balance of flavors. we can provide in large-scale momos for any kind of event

Surprise Menu

Want affordable catering services? Try our surprise menu. When you want a cost-effective catering service for your occasions, this is a great choice. Our team will create a menu that is the best fit for you based on the number of guests attending the event and your budget.

20% Deal Menu

Find excellent bargains if you wish to create your own meal. Simply pick your meals from the regular menu, provide us with some information, and let us know how much you want to spend overall, and then get a massive 20% discount from us!

Bulk Menu

When organizing an event that calls for a large order, the third catering menu can be your best choice. You choose from our catering menu packages, with a minimum portion, and a prize of more than that portion will be added accordingly. More food is offered in this catering package at a lower cost than for a specific number of people. You can choose your menu based on your preferences. Looking for an instant price estimation? Get it right away.

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