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Is it Friday already? Feeling that urge to have a fun gathering at the office? Indian Naan is here to assist you at every stage, from choosing the best-suited menu, to offering suitable catering and beverage options for you and your guests. Office parties and business lunches don't need to require boring food! Taste and experience catering the way it should be: vibrant and flavorful! With our catering service, you can completely personalize the meal selection for your party.

Allow us to plan and organize the company party with the most delicious meals, and premium beverages, along with staffing while you are busy having a great time at the party. Our catering team takes great satisfaction in being able to provide your event with excess amounts of entertaining and delectable food, as well as tantalizing drinks.

Currently, we are dealing with three locations in Amsterdam, simply tell us your office location and we will deliver there.

If you are someone who is fond of Indian or Nepalese food then you are going to love our food. We have a wide range of Indian menus, featuring the most popular Indian dishes and starters, paired up with the drink of your choice. Try our momo menu, as this is sure to mesmerize your taste buds, choose from vegan, or meat fillings for your momos and enjoy a hot momo platter.

We will assist you with planning office catering for a business event, or a sophisticated big table for a product launch. We make sure to accommodate dietary concerns as well as vegan and vegetarian options. You can benefit from a 100% guarantee of the catered food's quality, presentation, and on-time delivery, along with staffing, and party utilities.

Contribute to the planet every time you book our catering services as we follow sustainability in all our catering practices.

Indian Naan offers three types of catering for special events-

  1. Simply choose your meals from the menu and provide us with a few basic details and we will give you a 20% discount.
  2. Try our surprise menu. This is a terrific option for affordable catering for your events. Based on the number of guests at the event and your budget, we will design a menu that is the best fit for you.
  3. Choose this program if your event requires large orders.  You select a catering meal package from our menu with a minimum portion, and an additional prize for each additional part will be added. This catering package offers more food at a lesser price than for a set number of guests.
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