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An incredible vegetarian Buffet awaits you 

Are you looking for restaurants in Amsterdam that provide vegetarian buffet options? Search no more, Indian Naan has taken care of it.  The world is trying to live more sustainably, and many people are eating more vegetarian meals. Whether you are a vegetarian, pescetarian, or flexitarian, you will find vegan and vegetarian options on our Buffet menu.

You will explore a wide variety of wonderful meat-free dishes, including salads, side dishes, traditional Indian and Nepalese food, and desserts. We are confident that you will go a little bit  extra excited and cram everything onto your plate. You will be blown away by the flavors and variety of tastes, and we are sure you will feel a bit stuffed afterward, so make sure to spare room for dessert. Indian Naan uses organic, regionally sourced products, so customers can feel good about the meals they consume.

Indian Naan offers hassle-free catering services at reasonable pricing. You can customize your menu to your preferences. Enjoy your events and savor the delicious flavor of traditional delicacies. We will create the greatest menu utilizing our years of knowledge in accordance with your budget.

Indian Naan provides three different catering:

  1. Choose your meals from the menu and provide us with a few basic details and we will give you a whopping 20% discount.
  2. Try our surprise menu. This is a terrific option for affordable catering for your events. Based on the number of guests at the event and your budget, we will design a menu that is the best fit for you.
  3. Choose this program if your event requires large orders.  You select a catering meal package from our menu with a minimum portion, and an additional prize for each additional part will be added. This catering package offers more food at a lesser price than for a set number of guests.
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