Momo - Nepal’s most popular culinary delight

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Well, momos are indeed the most loved culinary item from the Nepalese kitchen. Momos are an authentic Nepalese delicacy and are found in every household as well as in restaurants in Nepal. These have not only got limited to the country and have gained popularity all over the world.

So, what makes momos so popular? The taste, flexibility, and versatility are the main aspects that are fulfilled by this dish. Momo comes in a number of variants, it can be made with any filling you choose, and you can customize it to suit your tastes.

Taste the perfect recipe for momo

A great momo is remarkable, with all that steamy texture, juicy fillings, and the perfect blend of spices. Do you want to taste the most authentic taste of Nepalese momo in Amsterdam?

Indian Naan brings to you the real flavors of the momo. So, what are the magical fillings that go into the making of a perfect momo? With us, you can choose from three filling options, veg, chicken, and mutton from our special momo menu. Our momos are flavorful and fresh, we ensure that these are prepared Himalayan-style with premium ingredients and thin wrappers that allow for the ideal balance of flavors.

Order from Indian Naan

Looking to taste the best momos in the city? Or having a party at your home/ office? Try our momo menu and surprise your guests! Order from Indian Naan, we offer the finest taste of momos in Amsterdam. We offer hassle-free delivery and pick-up in our three locations in Amsterdam. Along with catering services for bulk momo orders.

What makes our momos different?
  • Authentic Nepalese taste
  • Juicy fillings
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Perfect blend of spices
  • Available in three options

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